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At Therapy Retreats we specialise in resolving relationship issues and personal emotional problems. We achieve this in exclusive country settings. Our decades of experience and major specialisation is in providing rapid resolutions to relationship difficulties, no matter how severe or long-term.

Research shows that 60% of the UK population currently consider relationship problems, stress, anxiety and depression to be 'normal', expecting to encounter these conditions in everyday life. Many couples are content to endure what is known as a "Functional Relationship", not a happy one. Who wants to just "function?" At Therapy Retreats we consider these conditions to be unacceptable and resolvable. Our retreats are based on programmes to eliminate the developmental and cognitive causes of these issues and restore clients to the 'normal' human state of being calm, relaxed and confident, helping to break the habits of a lifetime in many cases and to enjoy happy personal and family relationships. We look forward, not backward over past suffering.

'Therapy Retreats' was the first, but now increasingly copied, in combining the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychological approaches (including some unique to us) to address and solve these problems - quickly, efficiently and, with client motivation and determination to succeed, permanently. We are proud of the effectiveness of our programmes and have confidence that we can maintain our 85% success rate, especially in relationship resolutions.

Why Therapy Retreats?

Our Retreats

Our programme of retreats designed to solve your concerns - permanently.

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Our Venues

The venues chosen for Therapy Retreats have been selected to offer clients comfortable, peaceful and rural environments for their stay. They are ideal locations for rest and relaxation as well as being the base for the confidential therapy sessions of your retreat. Each venue is private to each client or couple. Champneys is used for bespoke couples retreats. Cadhay is only used for occasional training or group work.

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Our Therapies

Our therapies and approaches to dealing with the concerns of our clients are a unique combination of the most effective and validated treatments available.

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Why Therapy retreats?

We deliver a unique range of retreats that produce tangible results for everyone who participates in them. Our residential retreats in the restorative atmosphere of a country cottage, house or hotel setting provide a productive experience designed to eliminate problems of anxiety, no confidence, negativity and low self-esteem.Couples rediscover their lost inner reserves to get their relationship back on track. Our programmes are far more intense and effective than expensive weekly counselling sessions.

Our most successful retreats so far in 2018 are our effective 'Harmonious Relationships' retreat for couples which aims to solve the problems which hamper harmony with our chosen partner and restore them to what they were in happier times, and our 'Save Your Marriage in Three Days' retreat aimed at clients making a last ditch attempt to stay together. Our testimonials show that we have a growing international reputation for saving relationships on the brink of breakdown. Our unique 'Save your marriage in three days' programme is rapidly gaining a reputation for success which is confounding those therapies which offer long, weekly, analytical approaches which frequently cause clients to give up. We have never advised a couple to consider splitting-up or advised them they are 'incompatible'; these are concepts which conflict with our positive, forward looking approach.

The programmes run at 'Therapy Retreats' involve a unique 'Instant Image Therapy (IIT)' rapid results approach over a few days, either midweek or at a weekend. They provide instant control over those destructive and negative thought patterns which may have become ingrained over many years and utilise the latest techniques from current neurological research. On leaving the retreat clients have various strategies and a 'tool box' of resources to enable the progress made on retreat to be maintained. We offer programmes and resources for you to 'keep the show on the road' after leaving your retreat which enable you to establish permanent changes.

We do not go in for the normal approach of long, drawn out delving into the past as we remain focused on what you are capable of tomorrow, not what you have been doing wrong in the past. Rapid cognitive change is expected and this is achieved by the intense programme we use to ensure rapid change and permanent results. We will reveal your hidden ability to make the changes you have been finding so difficult in the past and give you the confidence to achieve success.

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What next?

Take some time to explore our website and the retreats we offer. Explore our range of therapies which we use to achieve the results we obtain. Then drop us a note using the form below with a brief outline of your needs. We will then send you some information and a 'Personal Details Form'. When this form is returned we are then able to devise a personal retreat specific to your needs and arrange a venue. Our 1-2-1 individual or couple retreats are effective because they allow us to focus on your particular needs. We do not run a 'one size fits all' programme as each client or couple has unique individual needs. Our individual client based programme allows us to focus on resolving these needs.

Dates of our retreats are determined at your convenience. We arrange retreat dates to suit your diary, not ours. We are happy to discuss any issues or requests by telephone as well. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we may be of assistance in helping you address your concerns.

At Therapy Retreats we understand the emotional cost involved when finally deciding to 'grasp the nettle' and face an issue which may have been troubling you, or getting worse, for many years. You will find a confidential, sympathetic, understanding and professional approach.