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Therapy Retreats aims to provide answers to people’s explorations of the emotional, psychological and spiritual issues of everyday life that confront them today. Retreats have a long history of providing a positive effect on disturbed emotions. The retreats will offer a unique combination of effective learning and therapy in an intimate and supportive environment within the atmospheric surroundings of an exclusive country house setting. The locations for these retreats will be perfect places to gain the inspiration, insight and answers being sought, while in a supportive and reassuring setting.

Therapy Retreats’ approach combines teaching various theoretical processes drawn from the spheres of psychology, neurology and spirituality in cases where counselling alone has failed to answer the problem, in order to resolve issues which remain resistant to a satisfactory resolution. Therapy Retreats is alone in the UK at present in combining these essential elements in the retreats it offers. A Therapy Retreat produces real cognitive and emotional change within the space of the retreat. But while psychology is a relatively new practice (about 150 years old), the spiritual dimension has been helping people find answers to life’s questions for thousands of years. The word ‘therapy’ comes from the Greek therapiea, which means healing. Psychotherapy literally means healing the mind or the soul. Many therapists fail to acknowledge this dimension. This reveals a lack of understanding of the complexity of our true nature, with the consequence that the degree of recovery and progress that could be made fails to achieve its maximum potential.

Therapy Retreats’ combination of psychological answers, cognitive change (with a spiritual dimension when appropriate), is perfect for anyone seeking healing, wholeness and meaning and who may have tried a variety of unsuccessful approaches in the past.

Therapy Retreats Ltd is registered as a data controller in the Data Protection Register as required by the Data Protection Act 1998. Information Commissioner’s Office Registration reference ZA203342 and complies with rules that protect client's personal information under the Act.

Since 2014 we have benefited from an increasing international repuation having helped clients from the USA, Belgium, Dubai, Canada, Russia, Germany, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Quatar, Abu Dhabi, Denmark, Philippines, France, Norway, Australia, Switzerland and all regions of the UK.

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The Therapy Retreats team supporting David includes a university faculty psychologist, a consultant medical advisor, a clinical psychologist and a social worker, as well as a small group supporting the team and concerned with administration, venues and I.T.