A one-day 'Taster' Retreat to start exploring your concerns

Many clients or couples leading a busy life find a longer retreat poses difficulties. This intense, one-day retreat offers an opportunity to get a professional insight into the problems requiring resolution..... and to start making the necessary changes - TODAY!

At Therapy Retreats we understand the pressures modern life imposes on individuals and couples.  

A busy lifestyle, a demanding job, foreign travel, child-care issues can all lead to time pressures which prevent clients taking up a longer, residential retreat to deal with their concerns.

Due to an increase in demand we can now offer in 2019 an intense, one-day 'Taster' retreat which enables clients living within travelling distance of our venues, or who are prepared to travel further,  to explore their concerns and obtain a professional insight into their resolution.

This can be the first step to turning things around and gaining the insights, knowledge and a 'Tool-Kit' to start making the necessary changes. The content of this retreat is suitable for addressing both individual and couple issues (as listed in 'Our Retreats').  The programme is designed to meet each clients/ couples individual and specific needs. It is not a 'one size fits all' programme.

The programme for this Taster retreat covers many of the concepts required for clients to understand the dynamics behind their problems and the process by which they can start changing things for the better.

It is a compressed programme of the longer retreats and contains much of the material we cover at length, usually over a few days. It is therefore a little more demanding but client feedback shows the material is well recieved and considered valuable and helpful. Many clients go on to book a longer retreat when they see the value and relevance of the programme. 

Content of Programme for a one-day  'Taster' retreat :

Coffee, lunch, afternoon-tea (breakfast is provided if clients wish to arrive the night before and stay at the venue)

Review and Update of PERSONAL DETAILS FORM information sent previously during booking process

Analysis and explanation as to origination and causes of current problems, concerns or issues to be resolved

Concepts essential to an understanding of how you developed the problem in the first place and how to overcome it are fully explained - most of these will be a revelation as they are rarely dealt with in traditional counselling approaches. Without these you will not make progress; with them you will see what you have been doing wrong all this time

Techniques of thinking, feeling and behaving differently in order to overcome the problem are explained and taught. These include the concepts of INSTANT IMAGE and TIME THERAPY which are unique to the Therapy Retreats programme. Essential TOOL-KIT to ensure maintenance of progress after retreat

Approaches to the reduction of anxiety, stress, anger, conflict, poor communication, selfishness are explored and how to maintain a new calm, relaxed, confident persona are taught. This includes our CRC (Calm, Relaxed, Confident) programme as well as an Introduction to Mindfulness and AutoHypnosis.

For One Day Taster Retreat FEES see our FEES AND RETREAT DETAILS page under OUR RETREATS. A reduction is made for clients who wish to go on to benefit from a longer retreat at a later date


"We are changed when we understand something we hadn't known before."


"The purpose of life is to be happy"

Dalai Lama