Private Retreats

Private retreats deal with specific problems and 100% time allocation to the personal needs of the individual client, or couple. For this reason they are very popular and effective. Much more can be achieved at a focused, intense retreat over a short period (a few days to a week) when compared with 'traditional' week by week counselling, which is usually less effective due to the sporadic nature of such an approach. As a guide we are often told that clients have learnt more, changed more and made more progress with us on a week's retreat than in 6 months weekly counselling. The cost effectiveness of this speaks for itself and is one of the reasons why we offer this approach. Our success is because cognitive change and a more positive mental attitude (PMA) are achieved within the duration of the retreat due to the nature of the programmes and approach we use, combined with the strategies used to develop a fresh start for the future.

Personal development, life style change, habits and traumas from the past, social anxiety, poor self esteem, improved PMA, low confidence and other forms of anxiety and negativity are all frequently dealt with at these retreats. Specialist retreats for improving (or saving) relationships are also in high demand as results here exceed that of the usual weekly counselling sessions.

With over 35 years experience we have refined our programmes to target the essential causes of the trouble and faulty thought processes in order to remedy the problem at it's core, not just to temporarily alleviate symptoms. Our aim is for a permanent solution rather than a lifetimes struggle to overcome feelings and behaviours which appear to be beyond the clients past ability, and our intention is to return the client to full control over their emotional and psychological life. We do not aim to 'manage' anxiety and other symptoms, rather we aim to 'eliminate' them and their causes. Our approach is highly focused and situation specific and we concentrate on removing causes rather than only seeing symptoms (which is your GP’s dilemma due to the restrictions of time and the priority of medication as an answer). See Testimonials on website.

We also have high expectations that a retreat of a few days to a week will eliminate or overcome the issues being addressed regardless of the duration of the 'symptoms' in the past. Our approach focuses on future improvement and not on past suffering. We only pay limited attention to the past as we are of the belief that how you are tomorrow is essentially of more value than how you may have been over the past years.

Retreat Details & Fees

Private therapy retreats are not expensive considering the long term benefits of a short term retreat. There are plenty of good eating venues within easy reach of all our venues. If required we can also arrange luxury accommodation in a 5* hotel with all the additional benefits of spa treatments, gym use, etc. The length of the retreat can be tailored to suit each client's needs, time availability and budget. Guests, partners or a friend may join clients at some of our venues if so wished, although they are not usually included in therapy sessions unless relationship issues are the reason for attending. All retreats are fully costed before booking.

Supportive follow up of all clients after their retreat is available to monitor and maintain progress.

If you would like to pursue this further and let us assist you in addressing your concerns, please complete the confidential PERSONAL DETAILS form which we will send you on request. When completed and returned, this enables us to have a fuller picture of your needs after which we can devise a suitable, individual programme for your retreat.

These retreats have been in great demand this year which showes that the need for the 'personal 1-2-1 touch' is increasing. Of particular value and appreciated by clients is the immediate cognitive change which takes places within the duration of the retreat, enabling clients to start making progress from Day 1. If you would like to discuss this further by telephone do not hesitate to make contact or if you provide a contact number we can phone you at your convenience.

Under some circumstances we are able to offer retreats for accompanied adolescents to address some of the common issues of this age range. Please contact David Keighley directly to explore this option. Issues addressed include : self-esteem, confidence, negativity, depression, abuse, gender issues, anxiety, bullying, body image, social anxiety, school / uni. concerns, academic progress, family issues. These retreats may involve other specialist members of our team.

At ‘Therapy Retreats’ we do realise the courage and determination it takes to face personal and emotional issues and seek help for them. We can assure you that you will receive the highest standard of care, courtesy and consideration before, during and following any of our retreats.

Full details on how these retreats address specific demands and programmes used available on request.


  • Couple Counselling
  • Regaining Lost Confidence
  • Increasing Self-esteem
  • Developing Positive Mental Attitude
  • Becoming Assertive
  • Overcoming Social Anxiety
  • Defeating Depression and Negativity
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Solving Relationship Problems
  • Parenting
  • Eliminate Panic Attacks
  • Anger Management
  • Increasing Calm; Sleeping better
  • Freedom from past emotional influences
  • Better Communication at home, work and socially