New Year Resolutions 2018

... moving on with life

Seeking the silver lining behind the cloud? Looking to move on with your life in 2018? Perhaps you have decided upon a new start? Maybe you are seeking a life-style change or you are determined to grow in confidence this year? Has your relationship failed? Are you recently divorced or separated? Maybe you are coping with a bereavement? Perhaps you have been made redundant or your business has failed? Determined to make this the year you develop a Positive Mental Attitude and overcome past negativity? Trying to become more 'Mindful' and less anxious? Or simply exploring a new direction?

This retreat will help if you are having difficulty coping and moving on with your life, or if you simply wish for a new, positive direction. We know that life can and does go on. This retreat shows you how by developing new outlooks and new attitudes for new circumstances. A retreat which believes that ‘Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life’ for those wanting a new approach to life, reviewing priorities and perspectives.

Leonard Cohen said “There’s a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in". This retreat shows the way forward through the dark into the light. Change made possible.

The Director of Therapy Retreats, David Keighley, will lead this retreat personally. He is widely experienced in addressing this whole range of needs in a positive and confident manner. He will show you how to stop being your own worst enemy and cease holding yourself back through negative thinking and past faulty conditioning; how to secure a new vision for your future and the strategies to achieve it.

You will leave this retreat believing both in yourself and in your future.

Helping you to:

  • Review your priorities and regain your perspectives.
  • Recover lost confidence and increase your motivation.
  • Initiate new thought processes and change destructive behaviour.
  • Focus on life-style changes and how to make them.
  • Let go of past pain and memories which continue to contaminate your life.
  • Recover the true value in you as a person.

Retreat Details & Fees