The Royal College of Psychiatrists runs a group called the ‘Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group’. Their claim is that spirituality is ‘The Forgotten Dimension’ not only of mental health care, but also of general health care. They clarify, like the philosophy of the Therapy Retreats approach, the meaning of ‘spirituality’ as : ‘a quality that goes beyond religious affiliation, that strives for inspiration, reverence, awe, meaning and purpose, even in those who do not believe in God. The spiritual dimension tries to be in harmony with the universe, strives for answers about the infinite, and comes essentially into focus in times of emotional stress, physical (and mental) illness, loss, bereavement and death’.[Murray & Zentner].

This is not the pursuit of institutional religion but a closer look at the relevance of spirituality in mental health care. This is supported by an extensive and growing evidence base, increasingly aware of the benefits for healthcare in terms of reduced stress levels, improved work satisfaction, protective effects against burnout, alcohol and substance misuse, marital and family breakdown. Our programmes allow interested clients to acquire and develop spiritual skills appropriate to their needs and interests.

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