Instant Image Therapy (IIT)

Instant Image Therapy (IIT) is a technique unique to the Therapy Retreats range of programmes. It has been developed over the past 40 years through the clinical practice of David Keighley, Director / Therapist of Therapy Retreats. Utilising the latest research in brain science and the ability of the brain to create new neural pathways, it facilitates the change of unwanted and destructive mental images we hold of partners, people, ourselves and experience into positive images of acceptance. An illustration would be changing the image of a critical wife or an angry husband into an image which exists but gets hidden, e.g. a loving wife or a caring husband.

In accordance with the Therapy Retreats philosophy there is none of the traditional, lengthy and painful analysis of the past. It is a short term, ‘fast therapy’ not dependent on long-term self-help programmes or on-going counselling. We expect rapid cognitive and behavioural change within the duration of a retreat using ‘Time Therapy’ (a technique which avoids living emotionally in the past or future). With IIT new life images become instantly available enabling changes in mindsets and attitudes which previously prevented cognitive changes taking place.

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