Winsor Farm, Devon

Winsor Farm flat is a charming, self-contained flat attached to the historic Winsor Farmhouse in an area of outstanding natural beauty near to Plymouth in Devon. Quiet, peaceful with a relaxing, calm atmosphere and wonderful views across the Devonshire hills towards Plymouth, it is a perfect location for the private, individually guided retreats led by David Keighley, either for individuals sole use or a couple. This comfortable house offers an ideal venue for consultations, reflection, relaxation and enjoyment of the surrounding rural location.


Winsor Farm, Worston, Yealmton, Nr. Plymouth, Devon PL8 2LL

Caroline Hobson 01752 880638

"Having been through the retreat, we really don't think we could have got to the better place we are now in any other way. Excellent programme rooted in neuroscience and biology. David was a knowledgeable, objective, compassionate witness to the behaviours that were plaguing us. No amount of self-help books or self-analysis are going to give you objective feedback on what you are doing in the present and without that starting point I can't see how you can change. We only wish we had done this sooner! The retreat was a very precious time and incredibly valuable. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Mark & Jenny, New Zealand. September 2017

"Any couples going through similar difficulties like us would benefit greatly from this retreat. I can honestly say I thought 5 days would not be long enough - how wrong I was! Thank you David for changing our perspectives."

Sue and Chris, Cornwall. November 2016

"We attended the "Save your marriage in 3 days" retreat. Excellent content and very relevant, there are many aspects of the retreat that could be applied to everyday life. A direct, thought provoking approach. The retreat left us feeling that our problems are in the past and we can have a happy marriage and a positive future."

Hazel and Alexander, Yorkshire. October 2017

"Our three days with David provided a much needed time -out as a couple to examine and strengthen our relationship. David's approach is serious, practical, no-nonsense, personal and experienced. It allowed us to gain clarity around our problems and provide solutions. I'm really pleased we came. Thank you!"

Claire & Alex, Hong Kong. July 2017