Online 'Virtual Retreat' at home by Skype during the COVID 19 Pandemic - and after...

For clients wanting urgent couple therapy during restrictions imposed during corona virus outbreak.

At Therapy Retreats we see clients from across the world as well as from the UK. Many of our clients are couples in considerable distress who wish to access a therapeutic intervention ASAP in order to help them resolve their concerns.

The current COVID 19 Pandemic is imposing major restrictions on clients being able to travel, especially by air. It is also causing therapists difficulties as they try not to breach social isolation guidelines imposed by government directives.

At Therapy Retreats we are frequently asked if it is possible to access our programmes at home by those who find it difficult to get away for a residential retreat. Until the present crisis our policy has been to only offer our couples therapy programmes on a residential basis as we prefer the more personal, face-to-face approach.

In the face of the current COVID 19 Pandemic we have decided to modify the content of our successful retreat programme to make it accessible for clients to follow at home, in the form of a 'mini' self-directed retreat using the same content as our regular residential programme. A sort of 'Virtual Retreat' which will be followed by the couple at home to address their own specific and unique needs as if they were being guided by a therapist on a face-to-face basis. At Therapy Retreats we have been considering how to make our programme available to clients unable to undertake a residential stay; the COVID 19 crisis has forced our hand.

Our 'Virtual Therapy Retreat' is the first of it's kind, making the 85% successful 'Save Your Marriage In Three Days' programme accessible to couples in their own environment. A busy lifestyle, a demanding job, foreign travel, child-care issues have all in the past led to time pressures which prevented clients taking up one of our longer, residential retreats to deal with their issues. Our 'Virtual Therapy Retreat' solves this problem. 

The course, run over three days at home in your own time, can bring relationships back from the brink and provides couples with the information and tools required for their relationship to thrive. A committment to the next 21 days ensures that the learnings from the three day virtual therapy retreat continues to have a lasting impact on the relationship. Maintenance material supports ongoing growth and development of the relationship. Any specific individual issues which arise from the programme can be further pursued on an individual basis if required.

The programme for this Virtual Therapy Retreat  covers the concepts required for clients to understand the dynamics behind their problems and the process by which they can start changing things for the better. It is not a 'one size fits all' programme but individually designed to meet your specific relationship needs.

Content of Programme for a 'Virtual Therapy Retreat' :

Review and Update
of PERSONAL DETAILS FORM information sent previously after first enquiry.

Analysis and explanation
as to origination and causes of current problems, concerns or issues to be resolved

Concepts essential
to an understanding of how you developed the problem in the first place and how to overcome it are fully explained - most of these will be a revelation as they are rarely dealt with in traditional counselling approaches. Without these you will not make progress; with them you will see what you have been doing wrong all this time

of thinking, feeling and behaving differently in order to overcome the problem are explained and taught. These include the concepts of INSTANT IMAGE and TIME THERAPY which are unique to the Therapy Retreats programme.

Approaches to the reduction of anxiety, stress, anger, conflict, poor communication, selfishness are explored and how to maintain a new calm, relaxed, confident persona are taught. This includes our
CRC (Calm, Relaxed, Confident) programme as well as an Introduction to Mindfulness and AutoHypnosis.

TOOL-KIT to ensure maintenance of progress after retreat.

"We are changed when we understand something we hadn't known before."


"The purpose of life is to be happy"

Dalai Lama