Fear No More

Fear destroys lives. Phobias, flying, going out, meeting people, interviews, new relationships, lifts, escalators, MRI scanners, underground travel, Eurostar, crowds, packed buses and trains, post-road traffic incident, driving, being driven, examinations… the list appears endless. Combining the best of cognitive approaches to reclaiming the power of your mind while returning to that emotional and physical state we were all meant to enjoy - that of peace and calm and relaxation - this retreat puts you back in control of your life, your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour.

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is frequently and increasingly diagnosed by GP's but it's underlying thought processes which are responsible respond extremely well to alternative, non-drug therapies. The combined approach of this retreat eliminates the causes of the anxiety states and ensures new mindsets, new attitudes and new approaches to life in a calm, relaxed and confident manner. Results can be seen from the first session as clients are led away from the habits of years towards a completely new way of coping.

This programme is often combined with elements of the 'Anxiety Eliminated' retreat to ensure maximum resolution of issues.

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