Couples Retreats at Champneys, Forest Mere 2020


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could discover true happiness and harmony with the person you have chosen to share this life with? Instead of achieving love and contentment we often find dissatisfaction and broken dreams. Life gets in the way – work, money, children and stress and you find you are growing apart not closer. This retreat at Champneys offers an opportunity to call a halt and make a new start.

A Couples Retreat weekend at Champneys Spa, Forest Mere, is the ideal way to enhance and strengthen the quality of your relationship. This retreat is especially designed by Therapy Retreats Ltd, the first retreat company in the UK to offer residential couple therapy, and run by their therapist / Director David Keighley. David is an experienced specialist in helping couples overcome difficulties and stay together. He is a leading cognitive therapist who combines the latest approaches to couple therapy with the unique techniques he has successful developed during a career of nearly four decades. His method is focused on developing rapid cognitive change, which enables you to leave after the retreat confident that you have the skills and understanding to make the progress you are seeking. The content of this retreat will be tailored to your own individual couple needs and will help you maintain the best of what you both already share, have advance warning of what can go wrong and how to prevent that happening and above all, keep together in the face of serious rifts in your relationship.


The focus of this retreat is on the future. We do not look at what has gone wrong in the past (the usual focus of couple counselling), but what you need to do right to gain that harmony which you are both aware still exists somewhere, maybe hidden under the pain and problems of the past. David Keighley runs one of Therapy Retreats most successful programmes called “Save your marriage in three days” which saves relationships on the brink of failing, so the content of this retreat is tried, tested and effective. These couple retreats are in great demand and combined with a stay at Champneys ensures both a relaxing and beneficial experience. Partners can enjoy the facilities and wonderful atmosphere of this venue while building a new and loving basis to their future together.

Forest Mere is an exclusive retreat, blending its enchanting grounds with the latest spa facilities and an Alternative Health Clinic, where guests can experience healing therapies, bathe in the UK’s first Thalassotherapy pool or rejuvenate with mud treatments in the twilight Serail Rasul. These facilities are available for couples on this retreat.

Retreat Details & Fees