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Relationship Harmony

Harmonious personal relationships are the key to a happy and satisfying life. Nothing is worth the loss of those original feelings we had for the person we fell in love with. This retreat shows you how not to bruise the ones you love, and how to recover from the bruises that are there. The focus is on developing the skills of communicating, understanding and developing sensitivity to the needs of others for those wanting to strengthen, enhance, or save a relationship. A retreat for making or maintaining relationships at all stages and at all ages.


Private Retreats

Specialised retreats are available for individuals, and couples, who prefer a private, individually guided retreat with the therapist. Each retreat is individually designed to meet the specific requirements and needs of the client. wide-range of issues are addressed at these retreats and a specific programme is devised to meet client needs. An initial discussion allows the client to be reassured that their individual concern can be addressed.


Confidence Regained

This retreat is designed to address and eliminate those feelings of low self-esteem and poor confidence. It will stop you constantly putting yourself down and being undermined by experiences from the past. No longer will you spoil today by fearing tomorrow. You will learn how to improve your social and communication skills and eliminate conversation anxiety. You will become more assertive and develop a more positive mental attitude. This retreat will show you how to address being held back by stage fright or fear of public speaking. Prevent the dread of giving a public presentation or presenting at work. Shyness becomes a thing of the past. We can stop you suffering from driving nerves, examination dread, interview fears or telephone speaking. If one or more of these are your problem, this retreat is designed just for you!


Anxiety Eliminated

Anxiety is on the increase in today’s world. Stress, panic attacks, anger, irritability, social anxiety, work presentations – all can give rise to a sense of fear and helplessness. This retreat is designed to eliminate worry and anxiety and let the new you rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of your past. This is where you will learn how to loose anxiety, stop panic attacks and hyperventilation, remove symptoms of nausea, palpitations, dizziness and General Anxiety Disorder, eliminate stress, subdue anger, banish tension, overcome irritability and learn how to regain control of your life. In other words, to become stress free – at work, at home, at all times, which is why we call it the 'Aniety eliminated' retreat.



An overview of our retreat philosophy, what we offer and fees.


New Year Resolutions 2016

Relationship failed? Recently divorced or separated? Bereaved? Redundant? Business failed? This retreat will help if you are having difficulty coping and moving on with your life. We know that life can and does go on. This retreat shows you how by developing new outlooks and new attitudes for new circumstances. A retreat which believes that ‘Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life’ for those wanting a new approach to life, reviewing priorities and perspectives. Leonard Cohen said “There’s a crack in everything… that’s how the light gets in.” This retreat shows the way forward through the dark into the light.



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Therapy better than medication
Recent research shows that therapy and counselling are as effective in treating anxiety and depression as medication with the added benefits of not having side effects associated with drugs.

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