Therapy better than medication

Recent research shows that therapy and counselling are as effective in treating anxiety and depression as medication with the added benefits of not having side effects associated with drugs.

More good news for the 'Therapy Retreats' programme as new BMJ research shows what we have been saying and doing for many years. Therapy and counselling are as effective as antidepressants in dealing with anxiety and depression, and with the benefits of having none of the side effects associated with taking drugs for extended periods. Our programme which uses a combination of cognitive therapies (CBT, Cognitive hypnotherapy, Time therapy) and changes in habituated Mind-sets can change thought processes and eliminate the negative thought patterns associated with these conditions. 'Talking Therapies', so often belittled by mainstream medical opinion, have been dealing with our human needs for thousands of years. Ancient wisdom (where the current trend for 'Mindfulness therapies' originates) has long used verbal communication between 'patient' and therapist to help overcome faulty thinking caused by conditioning and negative outloooks. As I have said in an earlier blog 'Stop calling it depression'. Working with clients on a one-to-one basis gives the client an opportunity to understand and take charge charge of the workings of their mind which is causing these symptoms. The charity "MIND" haa said "other studeis had found that people whi were given an informed choice of treatment options were far more likley to feel that therapy was effective". Teaching pupils in school basic therapies such as mindfulness could help prevent such conditions in the future. Good to know that science can validate what has been known for years and what we have always said at 'Therapy Retreats' - you are what you think! Our approach helps you think thoughts you desire rather than those you don't want. Or, as the saying goes, "If you always do what you've always done, your'll always get what your've always got". Our programme helps overcome these unneccessary symptoms and take control of your own mind at last.