Recent brain research validates our approach

Recent research in 'neuroplasticity' has validated our approach at 'Therapy Retreats' in treating the psychological, emotional and relationship issues of our clients.

Neuroplasticty is the process by which the brain can change its structure and how it works in response to mental activity. It is the process on which our programmes are based as it allows for old habits to be broken and new habits to be formed no matter how long a person may have had the old habit. This includes the 'habits' of having anxiety, being depressed, fearing social situations, low confidence and habitual problems in relationships. No matter how long the problem has existed, the brains neuroplasticity allows for new learning to take place and changes to happen in both thinking and behaviour. Our use of visualisation techniques helps to accelerate these changes. Dr Moskowitz, who researched this work, found that when his patients had learned and practiced his techniques their unconscious mind took over and maintained the progress and changes made. This is what we find with our results at Therapy Retreats. It is good to have our work and the approach we use validated by his research.