Another multi-million pound divorce!

Sad to hear that the founders of Jigsaw have divorced - un-necessary in my view.

It is sad to read in today's press that the founders of the Jigsaw fashion chain have divorced. After building such a successful business worth £130 million and having three children, friends in very high places and a luxurious life-style, what a sad end to the fairytale. I have seen many similar situations this year. It appears to be an increasing trend in 'high net worth' couples. To the outside world they appear to have everything. An envious lifestyle, luxurious homes across the world, private jets and all the trappings of success but unable to achieve what we are all really searching for. A happy marriage and family life. All these trappings become nothing in comparison. For twenty years they were together and then, last year, Belle Robinson made a comment which is heartbreakingly poignant to any couples therapist. She said "It's not something I wanted, but we seem to have drifted apart". How many times have I heard that said? Fortunately it is usually heard when the couple has come on one of our retreats and there is still time to save the marriage. Couples in this situation should value the old maxim 'A sitch in time'. It is such a shame when a marriage which could be saved fails, especially when, as in this case, a wife says "It's not something I wanted".