Hypnosis in the world of medicine and dentistry

To outline the scope of hypnosis in a range of medical applications. These include dentistry, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mindfulness, cancer care and bereavement.

I am just back from a seminar at The Royal Society of Medicine in London. As always anything organised by the Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine section of the Society is going to be interesting and challenging. This time we were looking at the applications of hypnotic techniques in a wide range of settings and covering a wide range of disorders as well as some everyday needs. No matter how long you have studied something there is always something new to learn or some recent research to catch up on. It is also reassuring to have confirmed that what we do in our retreat programmes continues to utilise the best in modern psychological approaches and evidence-based research. In dentistry hypnosis has the amazing power to enable patients to undergo treatment with a relaxed acceptance instead of frequently seen anxiety symptoms. For sufferers of PTSD hypnosis allows memories to be accessed without the usual fear associated with traumatic recall. It also speed recovery in PTSD. Using techniques of hypnosis in Mindfulness programmes can accelerate the benefits associated with this approach. It encourages a greater feeling of wellbeing and happiness. In the field of cancer care hypnosis has been shown to improve the immune system and strengthen coping strategies and can help empower cancer patients to respond to therapy more effectively. Overall the use of hypnosis in mainstream NHS treatment has been long undervalued. It is reassuring then that the independent sector has been able to plug the gap and increasingly meet the public need for this most effective therapy. Our peaceful venues at Therapy Retreats offer a perfect location for the inclusion of hypnotic techniques in our programmes.