Therapy better than medication

Recent research shows that therapy and counselling are as effective in treating anxiety and depression as medication with the added benefits of not having side effects associated with drugs.

Recent brain research validates our approach

Recent research in 'neuroplasticity' has validated our approach at 'Therapy Retreats' in treating the psychological, emotional and relationship issues of our clients.

Another multi-million pound divorce!

Sad to hear that the founders of Jigsaw have divorced - un-necessary in my view.

Hypnosis in the world of medicine and dentistry

To outline the scope of hypnosis in a range of medical applications. These include dentistry, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Mindfulness, cancer care and bereavement.

STOP calling it 'Depression' !

Depression may be getting wrongly diagnosed as much negative thinking which is being termed 'depression, could be down to faulty habits of thinking and not coping properly with the normal 'ups and downs' of life.

Tragedy of bullying in school

It is possible to recover from low self-esteem caused by school bullying.