Therapy Retreats ~ Counselling in comfort

'Fast Therapy' solutions to life's personal, psychological, emotional and relationship challenges in an exclusive country house setting.

Problems abound in today’s stressful world. Personal, emotional, psychological and relationship challenges are faced daily. Many people are searching for answers to their personal and relationship concerns rather than just struggling on.  'Therapy Retreats' is alone in the UK in combining the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychological  approaches to address and solve these problems - quickly, efficiently and permanently. We deliver a unique range of retreats that produce tangible results for everyone who participates in them.  Our residential retreats in the restorative atmosphere of a country cottage, house or hotel setting provide a productive experience designed to eliminate problems of anxiety, no confidence, negativity and low self-esteem. Far more intense and effective than expensive weekly counselling sessions. 

Of increasing interest is our 'Harmonious Relationships' retreat for couples which aims to solve the problems which hamper harmony with our chosen partner and restore them to what they were in happier times. Our testimonials show that we have a growing international reputation for saving relationships on the brink of breakdown.

The programmes run at 'Therapy Retreats' involve a unique  'Fast Therapy' approach over a few days, either midweek or at a weekend. They  provide instant control over those destructive and negative thought patterns which may have become ingrained over many years. On leaving the retreat clients have various strategies and a 'tool box' of resources to enable the progress made on retreat to be maintained. We do not go in for the normal approach of long, drawn out delving into the past as we remain focused on what you are capable of tomorrow, not what you have been doing wrong in the past. Rapid cognitive change is expected and this is achieved by the intense programme we use to ensure rapid change and permanent results.


Sarah & Adam, Oxford: "We arrived in low spirits! David very skilfully unpicked the mess we had got ourselves into. His straight talking and knowledge coupled with his ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly has put back where we wanted to be - feeling happy, relating to one another positively and excited about our future".

Anne & Eric, Denmark:  "I had lost faith in our relationship, but David's retreat gave me not only hope but even planted a seed of new love."  "Where there is a will there is a way and this retreat showed us the way. It addressed all the areas that were important to us. Very efficient and focused."  

 This testimonial from a couple wishing to remain anonymous:    "We've tried every therapy going but with no success. This new approach, not going over past hurts, feels like it can not only have a hugh impact on our relationship but also to our lives in general."    "Very different approach but very direct and valid understanding of our issues helping us to move forward. "                    

 Peter and Ann, London. December:  "Dear David,   We want to thank you very much for our retreat.  This was a watershed for both of us - we have continued to practise the programme most days, using co-counselling when we feel the need and both of us have sped up the process of letting go.  We find ourselves, now, in a much happier and more harmonious place and look forward to the future with great anticipation.  Thank you very much for a most effective counselling experience" 

Becky, from Oxford, left this testimonial after a private retreat in July:   "David's therapy sessions are very informative and incredibly solution focused. David has genuine understanding of your needs and equips you with the tools and resources to help heal yourself. Self-awareness was the key to David's approach. Highly recommended therapy!" 

Sue from Devon wrote this in May:  " This retreat was an ideal, intensive programme which allowed the client to identify what needs to change and provides the tools to make that change.This is highly recommended for busy professional people".

Sara Tomlin, of Hertfordshire, wrote this after a recent private retreat at Talmage House in April this year:   “I didn't know what to expect from a therapy retreat and doubted that my problems could be fixed in such a short space of time. David didn't spend time dwelling on the past and his matter-of-fact and sometimes humorous approach had me feeling different after just the first day. Since the retreat I have never felt better about myself and I have effective strategies to deal confidently with situations that used to have me in a state of complete anxiety! Life is very different (for the better!!!). It was truly the best investment I have made in years. Thankyou”.

Sarah S. London : "I hope the places on your retreats are being taken up because you certainly delivered what you promised on mine". 

From a couple wishing to remain anonymous; written in September: "David was the perfect guide for what we were looking for - someone to help us focus on the future and to help arm us with the skills to get back on track and choose a different way of thinking about our lives and where we wanted to go. David is a skilful communicator and I will always value the guidance he gave us, and the toolbox we left the retreat with. If you are serious about committing to a future where you learn from the past but don't want to be restricted by it, then I highly recommend David".

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